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transportation choice models

  A range of statistical and mathematical procedures used to model the ways in which individuals choose between discrete alternatives. The models, which collectively are known as discrete choice models, can be applied to a variety of choice situations — such as a home, mode of transport for a journey, and a holiday destination.

When applied to choice of travel mode, journey type and destination, such models operate at the level of the individual (hence they are often known as disaggregate travel demand models and modal split models). They assume that people choose that option which provides them with the greatest utility (cf. utility theory). The models are usually tested using logistic regression methods (see also logit) and include such criteria as price, speed, comfort and safety in the assessment of alternative travel modes and routes which are used in assessing utility (including subjective evaluations of those criteria). (AMH)

Suggested Reading Bruton, M.J. 1985: Introduction to transportation planning, 3rd edn. London: Hutchinson. Hensher, D.A. 1981: Applied discrete choice modelling. London: Croom Helm. Pipkin, J.S. 1986: Disaggregate travel models. In S. Hanson, ed., The geography or urban transportation. New York: Guilford, 179-206.



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