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  The products of agriculture present special obstacles and barriers for industrial production. Food, with its necessary links to health, well-being, sociability and culture, represents impediments to the simple notion of the replacement of foodstuffs by industrial products (see appropriationism). But the growth and maturity of the food industry has witnessed a discontinuous but permanent process to achieve the industrial production of food. Goodman, Sorj and Wilkinson (1987, p. 2) refer to the rising proportion of value-added attributable to industrial production in the food system and the gradual replacements of agricultural by non-agricultural products (for example sugar derived from sugar cane, by synthetic sugars) as the twin characteristics of what they call substitutionism (see agrarian question; agro-food system). (MW)

Reference Goodman, D., Sorj, B. and Wilkinson, J. 1987: From farming to biotechnology. Oxford: Blackwell.



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