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spatial separatism

  A term coined by Sack (1974) to describe the view, which he contested, that geography should focus on the independent role of space as an influence on human behaviour. He was explicitly criticizing Bunge\'s (1973) claim that geometry provided geography with a formal language facilitating spatial prediction — as in central place theory and the von Thünen model. Sack\'s position was that geometry could be used to describe but not to explain since it could not encapsulate human decision-making processes (cf. spatial fetishism; spatial science). (RJJ)

References Bunge, W. 1973: Spatial prediction. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 63: 566-8; Sack, R.D. 1974: The spatial separatist theme in geography. Economic Geography 50: 1-19.



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