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population density

  The number of people in relation to the space that they occupy. The simplest measure, crude density of population, is the number of people per square kilometre or other unit area and is most useful for small units such as counties or parishes rather than countries or continents, where internal environmental conditions vary markedly. More refined density measures may be calculated by relating numbers to cultivated or cultivable land or to other economic measures such as national income. Equally, for urban areas, measures such as persons per room or per house are useful refinements. (PEO)

Suggested Reading Clarke, J.I. 1972: Population geography, 2nd edn. Oxford and New York: Pergamon, ch. 4. Plane, D.A. and Rogerson, P.A. 1994: The geographical analysis of population. Chichester and New York: Wiley, ch. 2.



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