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spatial analysis

  The quantitative procedures employed in locational analysis, and sometimes used as a synonym for that portion of the discipline. Unwin (1981) presents spatial analysis as the study of the arrangements of points, lines, areas and surfaces on a map. Whereas many geographers merely apply techniques derived from the general linear model, others have argued that spatial data analysis poses particular statistical problems (such as spatial autocorrelation), which means developing procedures specifically designed to counter them (Haining, 1990). The development of geographical information systems is facilitating advances in spatial analysis and the greatly increased power of computers has very significantly increased geographers\' ability to work with large data sets and complex models (cf. geocomputation). (RJJ)

References and Suggested Reading Bailey, T.C. and Gatrell, A.C. 1995: Interactive spatial data analysis. London: Longman. Haining, R.P. 1990: Spatial data analysis in the social and environmental sciences. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Unwin, D.J. 1981: Introductory spatial analysis. London and New York: Methuen.



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spatial autocorrelation


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