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second home

  A property owned or rented on a long lease as the occasional residence of a household that usually lives elsewhere. Second homes come in different shapes and sizes, from luxury houses to mobile homes and boats, and are more numerous in some nations than others: there are, for example, nearly one million \'dachas\' located around Moscow. Although accurate data are difficult to construct, over 20 per cent of households in France and Sweden have access to a second home, whereas the equivalent figure in the USA, Canada and UK is around 4 per cent. Second homes may bring economic advantages to a rural area, but they are sometimes viewed as a symbol of outsiders\' involvement in the cultural and material take-over of local rural community. With trends of counterurbanization some households now have their main residence in a rural area, and keep a \'second home\' close to the urban workplace. (PJC)

Suggested Reading Coppock, J.T. 1977: Second homes: cures or blessing? Oxford: Pergamon. Shucksmith, M. 1983: Second homes: a frame-work for policy. Town Planning Review 54: 174-93.



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