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  The transfer of one part of a state\'s area and population to another new or existing state. There are many instances of groups that wish to secede and such movements are invariably very disruptive politically, leading to war and guerrilla conflicts. The establishment of the Irish Free State in Ireland in 1922 is an example of a successful secessionist movement, but most claims are frustrated by opposition from established states which stand to lose territory. Secessionist movements can take several forms: sub-state nationalism, where a minority wishes to set up a separate independent state; unification nationalism, where minorities spread throughout a number of neighbouring states desire political unity; and irredentism, where the aim is to effect the transfer of territory from one state to another. (MB)

Suggested Reading Chazan, N., ed., 1991: Irredentism and international politics. Twickenham: Adamantine.



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