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regime theory

  An approach to international relations that focuses on cooperation among states and non-governmental organizations, as in a range of institutions established to tackle regional and global environmental problems which are beyond the purview of any one state. According to Vogler (1995) a regime is

an institution, or more precisely, a set of norms, principles, rules and decision-making procedures that govern a particular issue area, such as trade, money or more relevantly the use of the global commons.A regime thus involves more than inter-state legal arrangements and international organizations and can embrace a wide range of accepted behaviours and norms (including informal practices) with regard to the use of common pool resources. The oceans, the Antarctic continent, the atmosphere, and outer space are the main examples of such resources in which international regimes operate. (See also governance; law of the sea; prisoner\'s dilemma; tragedy of the commons.) (RJJ)

Reference Vogler, J. 1995: The global commons: a regime analysis. Chichester and New York: John Wiley.



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