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  A system of mutual exchange, reciprocity was one of three forms of economic integration identified by Karl Polanyi and linked with a characteristic spatial pattern: \'Reciprocity denotes movements between correlative points of symmetrical groupings\' (in Dalton, 1968). This emphasis on symmetry was intended to distinguish reciprocity from other forms of exchange, notably redistribution, and was repeated by Harvey (1973) in his equation of reciprocity with egalitarian societies which were incapable of sustaining the concentration of a surplus required for the emergence of urbanism. But other versions of exchange theory have emphasized that reciprocity need not entail consensus (see Lebra, 1975), and indeed exchange theory — the modern development of which is usually attributed to Homans (1961) and Blau (1964) — has provided a much more elaborate typology of transactions than Polanyi\'s original sketches. (DG)

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Suggested Reading Ekeh, P. 1974: Social exchange theory: the two traditions. London: Heinemann.



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