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population accounts

  A form of spatial demographic analysis which takes fully into account migration between regions, fertility and mortality. In the past, population analysis and projections have typically been carried out for a single region only, connected via net migration to the outside world, but \'accounting\' methods allow the building of population models for multiregional systems within which gross migration can be represented explicitly. The life histories of people are accounted for by demographic \'states\' which must include all those in which people can originate (for example birth and existence in a region) and all those to which people can move over a specified time period (for example survival or death). These states may be further broken down, depending on the purpose of the analysis, into a variety of different socio-economic categories such as sex, age, race, occupation or educational attainment. Accounting has great potential for integrating spatial analysis and demography, thus serving as a vital part of models of urban and regional systems, as a basis for population projection, and as a basis for estimating demand for facilities of all kinds. (PEO)

Suggested Reading Rees, P.H. and Wilson, A.G. 1977: Spatial population analysis. London: Edward Arnold; New York: Academic Press. Woods, R. and Rees, P. 1986: Population structures and models. Developments in spatial demography. London: Allen and Unwin.



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