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place utility

  A concept used in behavioural geography to measure an individual\'s satisfaction with a given location. The term was introduced to assist studies of migration concerned with people\'s evaluations of available options (Wolpert, 1965), including their current homes. Having decided to investigate the possibility of a move, a household would search within its action space for available dwellings (cf. search behaviour) and evaluate each against their criteria for assessing desirability. Such evaluations provide the measures of place utility which determine whether to move (the place utility of the existing home may be higher than that of any other identified) and which of the potential destinations is the best. (RJJ)

Reference and Suggested Reading Brown, L.A. and Moore, E.G. 1970: The intra-urban migration process: a perspective. Geographical Analysis 52B: 1-13. Wolpert, J. 1965: Behavioral aspects of the decision to migrate. Papers [and Proceedings] of the Regional Science Association 15: 159-69.



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