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place/space tensions

  A concept for integrating geographical concern for place and space. It draws on Yi-Fu Tuan\'s (1977) work in which place is interpreted as humanized space. Any locality can be transformed from place to space or vice versa; for instance, the passing of the frontier marks a transformation from unknown space to settled place. It is a tension when different persons treat the same locality in different ways — a city is viewed as a place by its inhabitants but it is a space to plan, for urban planners. In political geography the rise of the nationstate can be interpreted as the conversion of a space (sovereign territory; cf. sovereignty) into a place (national homeland) (Taylor, 1999). Such tensions arise at all scales, from home (place) and household (space), to globalization (space) and global ecosystem (place). (PJT)

References Taylor, P.J. 1999: Places, spaces and Macy\'s: place-space tensions in the political geography of modernities. Progress in Human Geography 23: 7-26. Tuan, Y.-F. 1977: Space and place. London: Arnold.



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