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friends-and-neighbours effect

  A particular contextual effect identified in electoral geography whereby voters favour local candidates (even if this means abandoning their traditional party preferences) either because they know the candidate personally or in the belief that his/her election should promote local interests. The concept was developed by Key (1949) in the context of intra-party voting in the American South; it was developed and generalized by Cox (1969) and others who related spatially biased information flows within neighbourhoods to patterns of electoral choice. Such voting may be rewarded by the successful candidate winning public expenditure for the area (cf. pork barrel). (RJJ)

References Cox, K.R. 1969: The voting decision in a spatial context. In C. Board et al., eds, Progress in geography, volume 1. London: Edward Arnold, 81-117. Key, V.O. 1949: Southern politics in state and nation. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.



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