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  Alternative worlds generated by computers. The term cyberspace was first used quite casually by the science fiction writer, William Gibson, in his 1984 novel, Neuromancer (Gibson, 1984: see also Gibson 1986, 1988). In the book, cyberspace was a there that was not there, an alternative world conjured up by a computer in which people could cruise like disembodied spirits amongst virtual computer-generated landscapes; \'all the data in the world stacked up like one big neon city, so that you could cruise around and have a kind of grip on it, visually anyway, because if you didn\'t, it was too complicated, trying to find your way to a particular piece of data you needed\' (Gibson, 1988, p. 13). The term rapidly became part of common usage, reflecting more of a cultural longing for such a world than its actual existence (Benedikt, 1992; Bukataman, 1993a, 1993b; Crang and May, 1999). Taken up by an odd alliance of the computer industry, artists, and cultural studies academics, the term has spawned a large number of books and papers which are as likely to be general disquisitions on western society as they are careful empirical studies (see virtual geographies). (NJT)

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