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components of change

  An accounting framework for studying the changing distribution of various components of a population, most commonly employment in different industries and/or occupations. Changes across the constituent areas of a larger spatial unit (such as regions of a country) over a defined time period are separated into three components:

{img src=show_image.php?name=2022.gif } in situ changes, reflecting the growth or decline of employment at industrial plants since the start of the period; {img src=show_image.php?name=2022.gif } birth and death changes, resulting from the opening of new plants during the period and the closure of others; and {img src=show_image.php?name=2022.gif } migration changes, the outcome of some plants being moved to an area and others from it.The net change in an area (in its industrial employment in this example) is thus represented by the equation:

Net change in employment = (employment in new plants opened during the period) — (employment in plants closed during the period) + (net change in employment in plants surviving through the period) + (employment in plants moved to the area from elsewhere) — (employment in plants moved away from the area).

Studies of more than one area subdivide the migration change component into plants which shed employment during the move, plants which increase their employment during the move, and plants which experience no change. (See also shift-share model.) (RJJ)

Suggested Reading Mason, C.M. 1980: Industrial change in Greater Manchester 1966-1975: a components of change approach. Urban Studies 17: 173-84.



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