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  Complementarity between region A and region B implies that A produces (or has the potential to produce) goods or services of which B has a deficit (or potential deficit). The term was used by Ullman (1956) to describe one of the bases of spatial interaction. He argued that complementarity may arise either from areal differentiation (in resource endowment, or in social, economic and cultural conditions) or as a result of economies of scale. In broader usage complementarity implies that regions produce, or could produce, quite different mixes of goods and services which are, or could be, exchanged between them: in this way complementarity is related to the economic concept of comparative advantage. (AMH)

Reference Ullman, E.L. 1956: The role of transportation and the bases for interaction. In W.L. Thomas, ed., Man\'s role in changing the face of the Earth. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 862-80.



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