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territorial justice

  The application of principles of social justice (see welfare geography) to territorial units. As such, it may be a principle of the application of area-based policies (see regional policy). But social justice must take account both of the conditions of production of wealth and social well-being and of their distribution. It can, therefore, be given meaning only in the context of a particular set of social relations (see economic geography).

Need must be a primary variable in determining territorial justice and should be complemented by contribution to the common good. However, the problem of measuring such variables in the implementation of territorially based programmes of social justice is complicated by the ecological fallacy and the appropriateness of the spatial definition of the territorial units. Furthermore, the achievement of territorial justice may exacerbate other forms of injustice. (RL)

Suggested Reading Boyne, G.A. and Powell, M. 1993: Territorial justice and Thacherism. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 11: 35-53. Herbert, D.T. and Smith, D.M ., eds, 1979: Social problems and the city. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press. Smith, D.M. 1994: Geography and social justice. Oxford and Cambridge, MA: Blackwell.



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