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sectoral model

  A model of intra-urban land-use patterns developed by Homer Hoyt (1939) using housing rental and value data. From observations of over 200 US cities in the 1930s, Hoyt argued that the common residential pattern involves housing of different quality and value segregated into sectors radiating out along major routeways from the central business district. The wealthy occupied the most desirable sector, which usually had the most attractive physical environment, and the lowest-income groups occupied land adjacent to the main industrial districts. Changes in a district\'s characteristics were produced by the filtering process, with the affluent moving further out along their sector and releasing their former homes, closer to the city centre, for slightly lower income groups.

Hoyt\'s model was presented as an alternative to Burgess\'s zonal model, and was later incorporated with it in a multiple nuclei model (see figure for that entry). (RJJ)

Reference Hoyt, H. 1939: The structure and growth of residential neighborhoods in American cities.Washington, D.C.: Federal Housing Administration.

Suggested Reading Johnston, R.J. 1971: Urban residential patterns: an introductory review. London: George Bell and Sons.



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