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rural-urban fringe

  A zone of transition between the continuously built-up urban and suburban areas of the central city and rural hinterland (Pryor, 1968). This area displays a changing mix of land-use, social and demographic characteristics, and is an arena in which issues of the siting of large-scale urban amenities (such as airports and sewage works), the problems of \'fringe\' agriculture, the acquisitions of land banks for later development, and the social integration of commuters have all been prominent (see Errington, 1994). The idea of a fringe is problematic (see fringe belt), both because particular mixes of characteristics may be sedimented in some places (for example, by strict planning controls on urban development — see green belt), and because views on the extent of the fringe vary from a tightly drawn girdle around a city to a much wider area containing socio-economic features of the fringe which have migrated away from a city-edge location. (PJC)

References Errington, A. 1994: The peri-urban fringe: Europe\'s forgotten rural areas. Journal of Rural Studies 10: 367-75. Pryor, R.J. 1968: Defining the rural-urban fringe. Social Forces 47: 202-15.

Suggested Reading Bryant, C.R. and Johnston, J.R.R. 1992: Agriculture in the city\'s countryside. London: Frances Pinter. Bryant, C.R., Russwurm, L.H. and McLellan, A.G. 1982: The city\'s countryside: land and its management in the rural-urban fringe. New York: Longman. Herington, J. 1984: The outer city. London: Harper and Row. Roberts, R. 1995: Rural conflict and change — Special issue. Journal of Rural Studies 11: 239-350.



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