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retrogressive approach

  A method of working towards an understanding of the past by an examination of the present (cf. retrospective approach). The term gained its currency from Maitland\'s Domesday Book and beyond (1897) and achieved a wide circulation through the work of Marc Bloch. He insisted that the analysis of past landscapes required the prior analysis of the present landscape, \'for it alone furnished those comprehensive vistas without which it was impossible to begin\'. Likening history to a film, Bloch argued that \'only the last picture remains quite clear\' so that \'in order to reconstruct the faded features of others\' it is first necessary \'to unwind the spool in the opposite direction from that in which the pictures were taken\' (see Friedman, 1996). (DG)

References Friedman, S. 1996: Marc Bloch, sociology and geography. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Maitland, F.W. 1897: Domesday Book and beyond. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Suggested Reading Baker, A.R.H. 1968: A note on the retrogressive and retrospective approaches in historical geography. Erdkunde 22: 243-4.



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