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public administration, geography of

  Studies of spatial variations in the management of the state apparatus and geographical contributions to that management. Early works focused on the locational analysis approach and what that paradigm could offer to understanding \'the influence of space and location on the provision of public services\' (Massam, 1975, 1993). Massam\'s text concentrated on: (a) the size and shape of the administrative areas used in the delivery of public services; (b) interactions among those areas; and (c) the spatial allocation of public services among and within areas (see location-allocation models). Later work has been more widely concerned with the administration of urban areas, especially those with fragmented local government structures (Barlow, 1991), with restructuring local governments (including issues of scale: Johnston, Pattie and Rossiter, 1997) and the definition of constituencies for a variety of electoral systems. In addition, Bennett (1989) has argued for geographical involvement in determining what should be delivered as a public service, through the transfer of resources from rich to poor (both people and areas) by the state, and what should be placed in the \'free market\'. (RJJ)

References Barlow, M. 1991: Metropolitan government. London: Routledge. Bennett, R.J. 1989: Whither models and geography in a post welfarist world? In B. Macmillan, ed., Remodelling geography. Oxford and Cambridge, MA: Basil Blackwell, 273-90. Johnston, R.J., Pattie, C.J. and Rossiter, D.J. 1997: The arithmetic or the organic: independent commissions and the redrawing of the UK\'s administrative maps. Regional Studies 31: 337-49. Massam, B.H. 1975: Location and space in social administration. London: Edward Arnold. Massam, B.H. 1993: The right place: shared responsibility and the location of public facilities. London and New York: Longman.



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