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  A general term which includes all types of territorial movements, including migration. Strictly, a distinction is necessary between spatial or geographical mobility and social mobility, a term used to cover changes in socio-economic status. Not all forms of spatial mobility may be regarded as migration. The latter usually implies a permanent or semi-permanent change of residence and therefore excludes, for example, commuters, holidaymakers and students moving termly between family home and college (cf. commuting; tourism, geography of). These forms of mobility are often designated as circulation, which covers a \'great variety of movements, usually short-term, repetitive or cyclical in character, but all having in common the lack of any declared intention of a permanent or long-lasting change in residence\' (Zelinsky, 1971). (PEO)

Reference Zelinsky, W. 1971: The hypothesis of the mobility transition. Geographical Review 61: 219-49.

Suggested Reading Jones, H.R. 1990: Population geography, 2nd edn. London: Paul Chapman. Ogden, P.E. 1984: Migration and geographical change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ch. 1.



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