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metropolitan labour area (MLA)

  A term coined by Brian Berry to denote the commuting hinterland of a metropolitan area; he showed that nearly all US counties \'exported\' at least 5 per cent of their workers to an SMSA and were thus part of at least one MLA. The concept is now widely adopted for reporting census data (the British term is \'Local Labour Market Area\' — LLMA). (RJJ)

Suggested Reading Berry, B.J.L., Goheen, P.G. and Goldstein, H. 1969: Metropolitan area definition: a reevaluation of concept and statistical practice. Washington, D.C.: US Bureau of the Census. Coombes, M.G., Dixon, J.S., Goddard, J.B., Openshaw, S. and Taylor, P.J. 1979: Daily urban systems in Britain: from theory to practice. Environment and Planning A 11: 565-74.



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