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  This traces connections between cultures of masculinity, knowledge and power. It is frequently located in relation to traditions of western scientific rationality, in particular the dualisms between mind and body and between subject and object, plus the presumption that scientific knowledge can and should be objective and context-free. Masculinist knowledge is criticized for claiming to be exhaustive or universal, while actually ignoring women\'s existences. Rose (1993) argues that geography is a masculinist discipline and that masculinism determines conventions of what is deemed worthy of geographical investigation, fieldwork practice, theory development, writing and representation, as well as everyday academic life: from conduct in seminars to job searches and promotion. She identifies two masculinities (social scientific and aesthetic) that frame this pervasive masculinism within geography. (See also epistemology; phallocentrism; post-structuralism.) (GP)

Reference Rose, G. 1993: Feminism and geography. Oxford: Polity Press; Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.



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