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information economy

  A term dating from the late 1960s and early 1970s when it became clear that the production and distribution of information was becoming a key to many of the activities in modern economies. The chief exponents of this idea, authors like Daniel Bell (1973) and Alain Touraine (1969), argued that the new centrality of information processing was resulting in a \'post-industrial\' society. The idea has been highly influential across the social sciences, being found in the works of writers as diverse as Lyotard, Giddens, and Castells. (See also city; postmodernism; producer services; services, geography of.) (NJT)

References Bell, D. 1973: The coming of post-industrial society. New York: Basic Books. Touraine, A. 1969: La société post-industrielle. Paris: Denoel.



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