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  A term used by Jean Baudrillard (1986) to denote a space of pure immediacy and surface. Hyperspace is a simulation of a space which is able to be reproduced and reduplicated; no originary space exists: \'we can therefore have the tropicalness of a hotel atrium in Los Angeles or Chicago, without the inconvenience of the tropics, 1930sness without the great depression\' (Homer, 1998, p. 134). The idea of a space of simulation and simulacra is a crucial element of postmodernism and the notion of cognitive mapping, since both emphasize the delirium of images in which we apparently now exist. (NJT)

References Baudrillard, J. 1986: America. London: Verso. Homer, S. 1998: Fredric Jameson. Marxism, hermeneutics, postmodernism. Cambridge: Polity Press.



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