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  A relatively new term that has two distinct meanings:

According to McGrew geo-governance is synonymous with global governance: \'global governance (or geo-governance) is a term which refers to those formal and informal mechanisms for managing, regulating and controlling international activity and international systems of interaction (e.g. the trade system)\' (McGrew, 1997, p. 15; cf. regime theory).

Drawing on the Regulation school and theories of governance, Sum defines geo-governance as \'the governance of social relations qua temporal-spatial practices and relations\' (Sum, 1997, p. 161). In this formulation, geo-governance refers to the adoption of governance strategies that are directly oriented towards the spatial and temporal organization of social and economic life. Using the example of cross-border regional networks in East Asia, Sum shows how the time-space embedded-ness of such networks is centrally implicated in their governance processes (cf. transnationalism). (JP)

References McGrew, A. 1997: Globalization and territorial democracy: an introduction. In A. McGrew, ed., The transformation of democracy? Cambridge: Polity, 1-24. Sum, N.-L. 1997: \'Time-space embeddedness\' and \'geo-governance\' of cross-border regional modes of growth: their nature and dynamics in East Asian cases. In A. Amin and J. Hausner, eds, Beyond market and hierarchy: interactive governance and social complexity. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 159-95.



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