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factorial ecology

  The application of either factor analysis or principal components analysis to matrices of socio-economic, demographic and housing data for small intra-urban districts (see census tract), to test the general hypothesis that the pattern of residential differentiation (see segregation) can be reduced to a small number of general constructs. social area analysis provides the framework within which factorial ecology was developed: it is generally applied inductively, allowing the constructs to emerge from the data rather than testing for the existence of hypothesized relationships (other than in a qualitative sense of expecting certain broad patterns). Factorial ecology is thus a relatively sophisticated technology for describing the main elements of urban socio-spatial structure, whose outputs depend substantially on the nature of the data input — almost invariably obtained from censuses. (RJJ)

Suggested Reading Davies, W.K.D. 1984: Factorial ecology. Aldershot: Gower.



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